Wireless Abdominal Heating Massager Pad Relieve Menstrual Pain Warm Lady Uterus Belt Hot Compress Waist Back Vibrating Artifact

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Lady Menstrual Heating

Lady Menstrual Heating

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Electric heating belt adopts advanced graphene warming technology to release far-infrared light waves and provide gentle heat to your body. It can increase body temperature and promote blood circulation help you relax, and relieve pains from women's menstrual period cramps, lower back, waist, abdomen, and stomach.
Safe and easy to use.

Be comfortable during your period

Certain hatha yoga poses are known to relax tension in the abdomen and pelvis and increase blood flow to the region. The restful and mindful dimensions of yoga can also help with healing.

Product Details

  • 1- Elastic Belt.
  • 2- Unbuckle Button.
  • 3- Hot Compress Key.
  • 4- On/Off Key.
  • 5- Vibration Key.
  • 6- USB Charging Port.
  • 7- Display Screen.